Zink Magazine Writes about Astali and The Bullet Bracelet

The Summer 2009 issue of Zink Magazine runs a full-page feature about Astali and our Bullet Bracelet. Pick it up on newsstands now and dial up page 24. Here's what they say:

"New York-based artist Shannon De Jong has always had a penchant for rescuing discarded objects and turning them into something new. The result of her creative ingenuity and giving new life to found objects is Astali, her line of unique jewelry designs. She has utilized an array of materials, including snake vertebrae, shark teeth, African and Pakistani beads, coins, feathers and guitar and violin strings. These exceptional finds blend flawlessly with lapis, turquoise and Swarovski crystals. The jewelry comes in collections named according to materials used, including Jack Astali (named after her imaginative alter ego), Rock Astali and Rouge Astali. Our favorite piece is the Bullet Bracelet, which is part of the aptly titled Tex Astali collection. Made out of actual bullet casings (salvaged from a shooting range) on a brass chain, it is quite a bold statement piece. The combined roguish appeal and lovely aesthetics might make you feel a bit like Bonnie Parker. You are sure to be noticed with this on your wrist. Every piece is designed and constructed by the artist herself, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Astali.com — M.R."

Astali in Zink Magazine

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